Silvano Push Notification

The easiest Push Notification System for your IoT projects.
Simple and easy API for sending Push Notification to smartphone.

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What's this?

Do you want to send push notification to your smartphone from APIs or from IoT system? To your smartphone, to friend's smartphone or client's smartphone? Too late for make your APP, or it's too difficult, or it's much expensive for only notifications?
Choose Silvano
  1. Subscribe and note private key and token
  2. Install the APP on your smartphone (or friend's smartphone or client's smartphone)
  3. On the APP, put one TOKEN (you can create max 10 tokens)
  4. From the API (or website) use your private KEY, and send notifications to all smartphone that have your token
  5. Simply, super-easy, for any purpose, free trial and after only 3€/year

Use APIs for send messages

Silvano Push Notification is very simple to use for receive push notifications in real time. You have to create an account with an email. After that you have a Private Key for using call the API.

Try our demo key: 4a1375eb6f207e09c8e08514cca2a6b0
Keep secret your private key. In the APP on the devices you have only to set the token. Also the tokens are unique and identify you account.... but you can use the API and send Push Notification only know both (key and token). You can create more tokens for different using.

Try our demo token: 1dc6ad11b678c301

$url.="&title=".urlencode("my title with spaces");
$url.="&text=".urlencode("my text with spaces");

curl_setopt($curl,CURLOPT_HEADER, false);
echo $result;
...or in a linux console
curl ""

APP for clients

APP is intended for clients and for receiving Push Notification. For example you developed a IoT System? Install Silvano Push Notification on a smartphone for receive Push Notification from your system.


Silvano Push Notification is free for 30 days from the moment of iscription. In this period you can try APIs and APP... after you have to pay 3€ for having you secret key for an entire years (12 months). All tokens all free, and also the APP is free.